Theaters are Open Again

No, seriously – MOVIE THEATERS ARE OPEN AGAIN! So, is there anything to see?

Yes, it’s true; movie theaters are open again. You can pay your money for a seat that might recline, fill your arms with popcorn, candy and soda and watch
Hollywood’s latest fare on the silver screen – IN PUBLIC! But is there anything showing that’s worth seeing?

Hollywood’s schizophrenic addiction to violence continues unabated with a new movie about what happens when it’s legal to kill people. “The Forever Purge” opened in early July. Rated R

Thankfully, comedy isn’t completely dead. “Long Story Short” tells the tale of a man who, after marrying, discovers that years flash by every few minutes in what is described as a “feel good comedy about second chances.” Rated R

For some drama, you can go see “The God Committee.” It’s a movie starring Kelsey Grammer about an organ transplant committee charged with deciding the fate of three patients – deciding which patient is most deserving. It challenges the viewer to make a choice between morals or money while the ‘committee’ puts itself in God’s shoes. NR-Not Rated

One of the biggest films released in the receding shadow of COVID is the prequel “Cruella” about what led the infamous dog hater to develop such a love affair for fur coats. The film is set in the 1970s and stars Emma Stone. Rated PG13

Some may find “12 Mighty Orphans” represents something of a diamond in the rough. This movie tells the true story of orphans during the Great Depression who are led by a new teacher and coach to the Texas state high school championship. The film stars Luke Wilson as the teacher/coach. Wayne Knight plays the villain. Rated PG13

“Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat” is strictly for the kids. The hero of the film, 10-year-old Bernie Dingledorf, has to save the world from villainous Dr. Chuckles and his laugh machine. Don’t expect to see this on the list of Oscar nominated films, but children of the right age might just enjoy this film. And it has a unique distinction; It’s Rated G (How often do you see that anymore?)