Pandemic Panic amid mask and vaccine schizophrenia

Oct. 29, 2021
McHenry County Response

Though President Joe Biden is now pushing mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine, before the 2020 election, then candidates Biden and Kamala Harris, said they wouldn’t trust the vaccine that President Donald Trump was instrumental in pushing through from development to implementation in record time.

In a Sept. 2020 CNN interview, Harris said, “… that’s gotta be an issue for all of us” when asked about taking the vaccine. She went on to claim that, under the Trump administration, scientists were “muzzled” and “suppressed.”

Biden was even more adamantly opposed to the vaccine. He said that, in order to trust gain his trust in the vaccine, at the time, “There has to be total transparency so scientists outside the government know exactly what is being approved.”

Now, while many have concerns about the safety of the vaccine, Biden not only told people the vaccine “is safe,” he scolded those who haven’t gotten vaccinated.

Other inconsistencies in vaccine mandate

Sept. 9, Biden expanded a vaccine mandate for federal employees and the military to include the staffs of companies with more than 100 employees while stating that vaccination is not about “freedom or personal choice.”

The Executive Order gives OSHA temporary emergency powers. Workers who fail to comply will either be put on unpaid leave or be terminated. But inconsistencies in the application of the mandates have already emerged.

Members of Congress and their staffs, however, are exempt from the mandate. When called to respond to this peculiar inconsistency, Rep. Lauren Underwood’s offices in Crystal Lake, West Chicago and Washington, D.C. were all unavailable for comment and did not return McHenry County Response’s calls.

Illegal immigrants detained, and then distributed around the country by the administration, are also exempted from the mandate. When FOXNews Reporter Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki why illegals are not required to get vaccinated, she said, “Our objective is to get as many people vaccinated as humanly possible,” which wasn’t really an answer.

Doocy pressed the question again asking, “Biden is mandating all Americans to get vaccinated but not illegal immigrants at the southern border.”

Psaki evaded the question again, this time merely responding, “That’s correct.”

Mask hypocrisy abounds

Many governors have, over the course of the pandemic, imposed mask mandates on the citizens of their states. But the instances where they were caught abusing their own rules is long. The following list includes just some of those who imposed the rules but, apparently, didn’t seem to think those rules should apply to them, their friends or families:

Other politicians who have supported the mandates and then shown the same hypocrisy include:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Democrat)
California Sen. Diann Feinstein (Democrat)

It’s likely that these lists are even longer than those who are included here. It’s simply difficult to understand, if the crisis is as serious as they claim, and the mandates are fully justified by the emergency, how can these politicians justify not strictly adhering to their own rules?