Jan. 6 - The Left's Web Of Lies

By Rich Rostron

Biden's Jan. 6 speech doubles down on double standard and Left's web of lies.

The unsolicited text message reads: "President Biden gives one of the best speeches of his career about January 6 insurrection …" and then offers a one-minute clip from the speech.* While I realize some are swayed with what I see as Biden's faux 'homespun' delivery, in terms of substance, that isn't saying much. I mean, 'Come on, Man,' Biden has been in politics his entire adult life.

In his speech, on the anniversary of the January 6 capital riot (if it was an "insurrection" it was the most pathetic example in history), Biden came out and delivered all the expected rhetoric. He blamed it all on former President Donald Trump while his vice president shamelessly compared it to Pearl Harbor and 911.

Biden claimed that Trump was spreading a "web of lies" when no one has proven that anything Trump said about the election was a lie.

In fact, the Democrat's lack of curiosity about the 2020 election stands in stark contrast to their rabid response in 2016. For four years, Democrats worked their little fannies off trying to turn a fake dossier into something they could use to remove Trump from office. And that was in an election without all the election irregularities we saw in 2020.

What we saw, as soon as Trump and conservatives began pointing out the irregularities in the election, was that Biden, Democrats and their lapdog media immediately began singing the same song. As if on cue, they harmonized: "The Big Lie." To question the election was to threaten America (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] was big on that one).

How is it that questioning Donald Trump's election four years earlier, then spending four years actively trying to undo it, is somehow a patriotic act (by those who generally laugh at the naivete of 'Patriotism'), but questioning the election of a Democrat is tantamount to treason?

The Democrats, with the support of a small handful of Never-Trumper Republicans, are holding hearings in Congress. But they're not trying to answer that question; they're trying to 'find who is to blame for the January 6 "insurrection." But that's not true.

The truth is that they're putting on a show. It's all political theater. Contrary to the American form of justice - innocent until proven guilty - they've already convicted Donald Trump and anyone who supports him. They just want to get as much political mileage out of the event as possible.

If it's not all for show, if they actually are (as Jan. 6 Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney vehemently assures us) trying to find out exactly what happened on Jan.6, why are the most obvious ringleaders not yet charged? Or even being investigated?

Take Ray Epps and the now-famous "scaffold commander", for instance. There is much public-domain video clearly showing their hours-long leadership within and above the crowd, quite effectively guiding their activity from demonstration to riot. They are on video repeatedly exhorting the mob to "go into the Capitol!", that "the Capitol is our enemy!". Two days after the riot, Epps was a "most-wanted" on the investigation website, where a cash reward was offered for information leading to his arrest. Then six months later, he disappeared entirely from the website, and still has not been charged after a year of investigation. For more very credible information on all this, check out Revolver News.

By the way, if they really want to know why it happened, I've already explained above. It's the double standard. You can't have a 180-degree different approach to this election than you did to that one without some Americans noticing.

* The text referred to in the first paragraph came from an organization called "Daily Kos" that frequently asks me to call my senators and congressional representative to speak out in favor of radical Leftist legislation, which currently abounds. Frankly, they don't promote anything I agree with. Quite the opposite, they have yet to share a position I've agreed with. I could block them but I prefer to stay abreast of what they're up to.