Federal Abuse Of Power: Media Silence Is Complicity In Crime

By Richard Rostron

Have you heard about the letter that the National School Board Association sent to the Department of Justice requesting that the DOJ investigate parents speaking out against the teaching of radical racial theories and gender-bending sex ed in K-12 schools? If you did, what you heard probably didn't go any further than the NSBA's outrage over the letter that, supposedly, originated from within their ranks. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

As proven through emails obtained by Fox News, the letter to the DOJ actually originated at the DOJ. In other words, the DOJ itself asked someone at the NSBA to send a letter back to the DOJ requesting that national law enforcement investigate threats to school boards. The letter explicitly labeled parents speaking out at school board meetings as "Domestic Terrorists."

The problem goes deeper than simply calling parents a vile name because they dare to speak in opposition to policies adopted by school boards over parental opposition; it includes an official designation that unleashes the national security apparatus to go after such parents with a vengeance.

Once identified as 'terrorists,' those parents are subject to aspects of the Patriot Act which allow federal security agencies increased power to spy on them. This law was originally intended to apply only to actual international 'terrorists.'

If you haven't heard about this, shouldn't you ask yourself 'Why?' The story represents a massive, illegal abuse of power against citizens of this country who were exercising their basic rights. Why isn't that the top story on all the news channels?

If the party affiliation of the actors here were switched 180, how would the media react? If the parents were in opposition to teachings that imparted conservative values and the DOJ was using the power of the federal government to stomp out such opposition, would the media find themselves interested in this story when it comes from that direction? Of course.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only example of such abuse of federal power. And, as usual, the Legacy Media, which aligns firmly with the Left (rather than seeking appropriate middle ground), found that they had little interest in the story.

That story involves the abuse of the IRS to go after conservative organizations. If the IRS went after Antifa that way, do you doubt that story would receive the heaviest possible coverage on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and many other left-aligned outlets?

We could talk about the arrest of Roger Stone, an advisor to former Pres. Donald Trump, that saw an early morning raid by federal authorities. With unjustified no-knock warrants, heavily armed agents broke down doors at a private residence and rousted Stone and his wife, with CNN reporters 'mysteriously' on hand. What if the FBI were raiding the home of a Planned Parenthood executive? Would the media play that up as overdue justice being served, as they did with Stone?

And while these and numerous other examples where the federal apparatus is abused to attack conservatives exist, the Democrats are pushing to further increase the power of the federal government.

Those who understand the political equivalent of 2+2=4 know that this means more opportunity for abuse of federal power. In the meantime, Democrats are pushing to nationalize elections. That's a horrendous idea on the face of it. When considering the abuse of power, that idea is pure insanity.

But you're hearing nothing about that from mainstream media.