Biden's Ukraine response would have media in attack mode if Trump was president

By Rich Rostron

If Donald Trump was still president, and we were dealing with the same crisis between Russia and Ukraine, and Trump was reacting exactly the same way Joe Biden is acting (there's no way that he would but, for the sake of argument, imagine that he was), the media would be out of their minds. This would be the final piece of evidence proving 'Russian Collusion.'

Of course, Trump wouldn't have pulled out of Afghanistan in a way that was unparalleled in the course of history for the most moronic withdrawal in history. He wouldn't have, and didn't, show the kind of weakness that Russia is leveraging in Ukraine today. But imagine that he did.

Biden couldn't do more to encourage Russian aggression if he was trying. He has made it clear we won't get directly involved in the fighting. He's told Americans to leave Ukraine and that we won't defend them, if and when they get in trouble. That's not just a message to Americans; it's also a message to the Russians, a message of safe passage for aggression.

Biden has threatened sanctions if Russia invades. But he's done nothing to pressure the Russians as they and Putin consider invasion.

Biden's response can only be described as tepid, at best. He's thrown some stern words around but with no substance - without backing them up with any serious action. He's sent several thousand troops to Europe but not nearly enough to change the scenario if a serious conflagration occurs.

The troop levels Biden has sent are more in line with what we'd expect if there was another crisis in Haiti. This isn't a serious response to aggression by one of the three major powers in the world.

Biden has also failed to cement the cooperation among NATO nations. We still don't know which side of the crisis Germany intends to stand on.

The reality is that Russia may not need to invade Ukraine to achieve its goals. With Russia standing at the borders looking on, the Pro-Russian Rebels may have all the boost they need to hold sway on the battlefield. And with a Civil War, the world's perspective on the crisis changes dramatically.

The truth is that all the accusations of Trump's collusion with Russia have fallen on their face. In the meantime, Special Counsel John Durham is unearthing apparent evidence that the Hillary campaign was fabricating the entire 'Russian Collusion' story.

Of course, the media is ignoring and/or attacking Durham and his charges, as filed in court. The media is also largely covering for Biden's lame approach to the crisis in Ukraine. The implications are tremendous.

The media is not holding Hillary accountable for possible misdeeds pertaining to Trump and the 'Russian Collusion' story. And the media is not holding Biden accountable for how he responds to the crisis in Ukraine. If they did, maybe Biden would react more forcefully, and Hillary might have been less inclined to the put us through the 'Russian Collusion' trauma of the previous years.