As gasoline prices skyrocket, Dems pass law requiring stations to post campaign ad

The Response - 04/12/2022

Inflation and the high price of gasoline are expected to hit Democrats hard in the upcoming election. Fortunately, they have a solution - they're going to force gas stations to put up signs telling voters that Democrats are postponing a 2.2-cent-per-gallon gas tax that was supposed to go into effect July 1. Unfortunately, this promises absolutely no relief for the pocketbooks of taxpayers and voters.

With the legislation passed early Saturday, the state won't start collecting the tax until January 2023, which is conveniently beyond the 2022 general election.

"It's all Democrats advertising for the elections," said Sen. Craig Wilcox representing Illinois' 32nd District). "It's forced speech."

The message is required on with stickers placed on the pumps and on gasoline receipts. Any gas station that fails to display what Republicans call a "thinly veiled" campaign ad faces a fine of $500 for each day that they fail to do so.

A story about the law in FOXNews points out that, "Refusing to comply each day between July 1 and election day on November 8 would amount to $65,500 in fines."

Wilcox pointed out that, while the required sticker points to a postponed gasoline tax, it does not show all the taxes that the state already imposes on drivers.

"Look, we're saying we're saving your money but we're not showing how much we're taking already," he said.

The Democrats have a supermajority in the Illinois General Assembly. With Democrat J.B. Pritzker in the governor's mansion, they have unfettered control of the Illinois government.

Wilcox said that he's heard the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association has indicated they plan to file suits over this. But, even if they do, Wilcox pointed out that the damage is liable to be done before anything is settled in court.

One driver who preferred not to be named suggested that the measure may have a backlash effect on the Democrats. "If you're forced to post someone else's political speech, how long will it take before gas station owners start taking action and putting up signs of their own - signs showing all the taxes drivers are forced to pay when they fill up at the pump?"