Bailey wins GOP primary setting up race against incumbent

The Response

Gubernatorial Candidate Darren Bailey handily won the primary to represent the GOP in the general election against incumbent billionaire JB Pritzker. Bailey also won in McHenry County, where local Gary Rabine finished second. Statewide, Bailey, a downstate farmer who received the endorsement of Donald Trump, won with 57.5% of the votes (442,006 votes).

Jesse Sullivan finished behind Bailey with 15.7% (121,039) votes and Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin finished with 15% (115,170). Rabine received 6.6% of the votes (51,038) while Paul Schimpf received 4.3% (32,836).

Irvin came into the race with the financial backing of billionaire businessmen Ken Griffin, who donated more than $50 million to Irvin’s campaign. Along with his expenditures, Democrats spent money on ads attacking both Irvin and Bailey.

Salvi to take on Duckworth for US Senate seat.

Kathy Salvi, an attorney and former assistant public defender for Lake County, was the winner in the Republican primary. Salvi, who lives in Mundelein, defeated six other candidates receiving 30.5% of the votes. Peggy Hubbard of Belleville was the closest contender with 24.5% of the votes.

McHenry County’s own Teresi to face Dem in general as Devore wins AG primary race.

Shannon Teresi, the McHenry County Auditor, ran uncontested in the primary to face Susana Mendoza for Illinois Comptroller in the general election. She has vowed to restore financial transparency and accountability to the state.

Thomas DeVore received 44.3% of the votes (306,620) in the GOP primary for Illinois Attorney General. He defeated Steve Kim (34.5%/238,909) and David Shestokas (21.1%/146,225).

Lauf and LaHood win contested US House primaries.

In the 11th Congressional District, Catalina Lauf received 31.1% of the votes (15,189) to defeat Jerry Evans (22.5%/10,997) and Mark Carroll (20.1%/9,822). Susan Hathaway-Altman and Cassandra Tanner Miller finished with 12.1% and 7.5% each. Lauf will face Democrat Bill Foster in the general election.

Darin LaHood’s primary victory sets him up for a general election contest for the 16th Congressional District without a Democrat opponent. LaHood received 66.3% of the votes (55,957) against three opponents.

Maxwell Rice ran uncontested to face Democrat Janice Schawkowsky in the general election for the redistricted 9th Congressional seat. Joseph Severino also ran uncontested and will face Democrat Brad Schneider in the general election for the 10th Congressional seat.

For full McHenry County Election Results, go to: https://results.enr.clarityelections.com/IL/McHenry/115186/web.285569/#/summary.

For Statewide Election Results, Response Recommends: https://www.fox32chicago.com/election/2022-midterms-illinois-primary-election-results.