Mario Bros wouldn’t use veterans as mules, but Democrats did - And the media played their part, too

The Response

Suppose you’re playing Mario Brothers, the 1990s video game, and you can have 1-Ups whenever you want them, but your opponent can’t. You can Warp to Worlds 2, 3 and 4 at will, but your opponent is stuck in World 1. You’d want to use that advantage every chance you had, wouldn’t you – especially if you were falling behind?

Now, think about that while considering the storied path of the PACT Act, a bill created, presumably, to assist Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who were exposed to potentially toxic smoke while serving overseas. Republicans initially balked at the bill.

If you listen to the Democrats, or Jon Stewart who stumped for them, it’s because Republicans don’t care about veterans and Democrats do. You probably already heard this. You heard it because the media, a World Warping 1-Up for the Left, has done everything it can to make sure you heard this. Unless you pay attention to conservative media, this is all you heard.

Do you really think Republicans don’t care about veterans? Jon Stewart referred to this bill as ‘the lowest hanging fruit.’ What he meant is that it’s a political no-brainer. Overwhelmingly, Americans, not just veterans, will support a bill that helps those who have served. There’s little or no political baggage. It’s an easy win for anyone who votes for the bill. Why wouldn’t Republicans automatically vote for the bill? Why indeed.

The answer is simple, if you take the time to notice. Democrats used what is described as a ‘budget gimmick.’ They set the bill up so that it allowed for $400 billion in unrelated discretionary spending. In other words, once the bill was passed, Democrats and their minions in the bureaucracy could spend the money almost anyway they wanted.

Think about it this way. It’s as though drug smugglers (and here we’re talking about the Democrat’s favorite drug – Big Spending) are trying to get $400-billion worth of their product through security. They come up with the bright idea of asking the veteran to carry the package past the screeners. “They won’t search the veteran,” one says. “And if they do, he’ll take the fall,” says the other.

Actually, this little ploy is a bit more diabolical than that. We know Republicans are always willing to support our veterans. Certainly, the Democrats know this. Did the Democrats really think the Republicans wouldn’t notice their little gimmick? This is where having the advantage of unlimited Warps and 1-Ups comes into play. The Left controls almost an entire media industry. Why not use it?

So, what if Republicans find the ‘gimmick.’ In fact, when they do, all the better. We’ll leave the Republicans with a Catch-22; go along with the bill, and the irresponsible ‘discretionary spending,’ or oppose the bill and our media will bludgeon you for opposing a measure that was created for one purpose only – ‘to help veterans.’

What people should be asking is why are the Democrats so comfortable using veterans as their drug mule for more Big Spending, and why is the media so happy to go along with it by providing cover and wielding the bludgeon?

P.S. August 2, Republicans voted in favor of the bill once the ‘gimmick’ – the discretionary spending – was pulled out. By then, of course, the media and Stewart had done their damage.

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