We could all learn some lessons from the county fair.

By Erik Sivertsen
The Response

If you have not yet made it out to the McHenry County Fair this year, it is not too late. The Fair will run through this weekend and end on Sunday.

There are many fun activities and attractions. As always, there are some great looking animals, that you can tell have received a lot of extra special care and attention. The talent of the kids participating in the 4H exhibits is amazing. There are Tractor-pulls, and hay bale throwing contests, and carnival rides, and funnel cakes, and chainsaw carvings, and tractor parades, and all of the fun things that you expect to find at the county fair.

One of Thursday’s attractions was a Mother-Daughter and Father-Son Look-Alike contest. I have to admit, that I am more than a little pessimistic and I have to wonder how many more years that will go on, before the liberals ruin it.

It is great to see so many people come out here and compete in so many different categories, and especially to see so many young people showcase their ability to do things that matter. Growing animals and vegetables that will end up feedinsomebody, Making Jellies, and blankets, and coffee cups, and all sorts of useful things. These are skills that need to be passed on and are completely lost to a large portion of our population. Here at the fair we see people excelling at these things, and that makes me a whole lot more optimistic.

It is also great to see real competition. It isn’t just a bunch of participation trophies. Those who are winning awards, had to earn them.

Maybe I am a little too pessimistic. Maybe they won’t ruin the fair after all. Maybe I should be more optimistic, and this is a tradition that can get passed onto the next generation intact. Maybe we need to learn some lessons from the fair and pass on some of these important skills to more of the next generation, and incentivize excellence in whatever they do instead of continuing to reward people for simply participating.

See you at the fair!

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