Timing is everything, they say, and the president appears to agree

Biden trying to manipulate the news to fit the timing of the election

The Response

Last week, the Saudis related how, when Pres. Joe Biden asked them to increase oil production, and they said they were reducing oil production, Biden asked them to hold off for a month or so. That would seem like a curious request if we didn’t realize how it would fit with the timing of the coming midterms.

Clearly, Biden wants to delay any more bad news at the pump until Americans have cast their votes. His release of oil from our national reserves, which also seems timed to curiously fit with the election, seem to have achieved a little good but have run their course; our national reserves now so diminished that even he might fear the political repercussions of releasing more (that’s not to say he won’t – stay tuned between now and the election).

Timing is also the only reasonable explanation for why Biden and the Democrats have suddenly discovered the importance of a secure border. No doubt, their pollsters were telling them how the immigration crisis will likely cause a bloodbath on election night, as well as it does along the border where hundreds have died trying to cross the ‘open border’ the Biden administration has created.

Once the election is over, of course, the importance of border security will prove as fleeting for this administration as the importance of keeping prices down at the pump. In terms of timing, neither will fit on this administration’s radar where open borders and ‘an end to fossil fuels’ are the stated goals from the 2020 election.

With an election approaching, and timing in mind, Congress passed, and Biden signed the fraudulently named “Inflation Reduction Act.” It was advertised to assuage the concerns of voters while actually fitting the agenda of the far Left. But the name was the important part as the Democrats absolutely had to show they were doing something about the inflation that is slamming American voters (if you don’t vote, your concerns about inflation don’t matter as much).

One commentator on FOX Business this Saturday morning commented that inflation has cost America families one month’s wages already. And, with no help from Democrat legislation that fails the test of truth in advertising, Americans can expect to feel further inflationary pinch. Timing wise, that matters less after Nov. 8.

Timing also explains why Biden suddenly remembered to support the police this past summer, and why Democrat candidates are scrambling to hide their ‘defund the police’ speeches from the public, no doubt with the help of their friends in Big Tech.

As a nother matter of timing, a Democrat strategist has warned in FOX News that conservatives and Latinos don’t particularly like socialism. That’s a tough election switch for Democrats to make in time for the election though. Socialism is the core of the Democrat party today.