2A Constitutional Training Day by MCGOPAC

By Karen Tirio

In light of the egregious gun grabbing bills IL HB5855 and IL SB2226, McHenry County GOPAC pulled together a '2nd Amendment Constitutional Training Day' on short notice at the Woodstock VFW where 49 people gathered for the all-day Saturday training. The 15./ticket included Training, Digital Workbook, Certificate of Completion, Speakers, Morning doughnuts, Pizza Lunch and Give-Aways of over 500!

The Certified Constitutional Coaches facilitating the training were: Ken Neilsen (31 year Lt. for McHenry County Sheriff's Department - total police and military 35 years) and wife, Tara Neilsen, of Moms for America. Both sit on the Constitutional Committee of McGOPAC.

Speakers were featured during the lunch break: Joe Tirio, Patrick Kenneally, Tony Colatorti and Mike Shorten.
Attendees came from McHenry, Lake, Cook and DeKalb Counties, and one from Wisconsin.
Ages represented were pre-teen thru senior citizen.

Representatives from:
Law enforcement: States Attorney Patrick Kenneally, Former Police Chief Tony Colatorti
County Board: Mike Shorten
County Election authority: Clerk Joe Tirio
Education: Regional Board of Ed President: Karen Tirio
Precinct Committeemen: Suzanne Stalker, Deena Krieger, Kelly Eagan, Tim Beck, Melanie Foszcz and Jaime Milton

School Board Candidates: James Mitchell and Clarissa Bartlett

SECOND AMENDMENT SPORTS donated several give-aways totaling $500. including a Concealed Carry Course, Smith & Wesson wall clock and a tactical bag filled with accessories.
Other give-aways from the Pop-up Patriot Academy Store included an array of historical 2A flags, T-shirts, Constitutional reference books, pens, pocket Constitutions.

Tara and Ken Neilsen

Tony Colatorti

Mike Shorten

Patrick Kenneally

Joe Tirio
Photography: Bill Weber