Biden’s “border visit” as fake as thinking a resort is real Mexico

The Response

I knew someone who went with his wife to Puerto Vallarta for their honeymoon. My friend is one of those people who enjoys listing the states and countries he’s been to but, even after spending a week in the resort city, he doesn’t count Mexico on his list of countries he’s seen.

The problem is, as he explained it, that he struggled for the first five days to convince his wife to go exploring but she never wanted to leave the all-inclusive resort or the beach. It was only on Thursday that he finally convinced her to go into town (this was 20 years ago and things were a bit safer down there then).

He said that they wandered for a while and eventually stopped to eat. She chose the eatery, which did not meet with his expectations or wishes. They ate at TGIF. Nothing against TGIF but that’s not exactly Mexican fare even if they do have some Mexican-like dishes on the menu.

For this reason, my friend does not count his stay in Puerto Vallarta as actually visiting Mexico. It wasn’t real. He didn’t find that little café where the locals go and enjoy true Mexican cuisine, even if it’s only tacos. He said that, when his wife saw a guard in front of the bank holding an M16, it was as though an umbilical cord instantly yanked them back to the resort.

Biden’s border visit was entirely staged and fake.

As far as I’m concerned, this makes sense, and it was a waste. He and his wife had a chance to experience a different culture. Instead, all they saw was a facsimile of their own culture planted on the fringe of that other society. It wasn’t real. We can say the same about Pres. Joe Biden’s acclaimed visit, finally, to our Southern border.

Before Biden arrived in El Paso, the homeless illegal alien camps were cleared out of town. The accompanying mess was cleaned up. The illegals were moved.

Biden arrived, looked down on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in his wheelchair as he handed Biden a letter listing what is needed to address the crisis. As of the next day, Biden stated that he hadn’t read the letter, though it’s been described as rather brief.

What we saw, along with a press conference where Biden stood with a couple border officials, was a video of Biden walking in front of the wall. No, he was safely strolling in front of the wall, the wall that his administration essentially stopped building.

The administration and El Paso officials are saying it was merely a coincidence that the area was cleaned up just before Biden’s visit. That is truly remarkable considering that we haven’t seen any cleansing of border areas unless someone from the administration is coming for a visit.

Unfortunately, Biden didn’t meet any of the illegals. It doesn’t appear that, other than Gov. Abbott, Biden met anyone who has anything to say about his (lack of) handling the border. He didn’t speak with any of the Americans living along the border. He didn’t hear how they can’t leave their homes unarmed and need to barricade the doors when they are home.

Biden, however, will have a checkmark next to “Border Visit” to display when he runs for reelection. Never mind that he never left the all-inclusive resort at the border in El Paso.