The Leftists are champions only of their own wealth and power, and we're overdue for resistance

The Response

Know Thy Enemy
This Is Happening Now...
They call themselves the champions of black, brown, feminists and LGBTQs - but they're not. Their ‘solutions’ are superficial and irrational, at best. They don't care about any of those people, at least not beyond what they can get out of them. What they care about is wealth and power, and they're good at it.

They've created the fissure where free speech is no longer secure; as numerous younger Americans have said to me, "You shouldn't be allowed to say things that offend people." They're openly and tirelessly working to eliminate the Right to Bear Arms - well, at least for the 'little people,' like you and me. But criminals are unaffected.

They've ridiculed religion and, when opportunistically overreacting to The Pandemic, they've restricted church attendance as "Non-Essential," while peculiarly anointing gambling joints and marijuana dispensaries as "Essential."

They're working feverishly to transition our society from fossil fuels to "renewables" as though the latter has the capacity to meet the demand. This means that we all need to start thinking about junking our gasoline burners and buying electric cars, while ignoring where the power comes from (NO! It isn't born in the wall where you plug in!).

Our schools were shut down, and our children were forced to distance and mask up, losing years of education and growth with no benefit or rational reason.

Now they're teaching our children racial division, socialism and elitism disguised as "Equity, Diversity and Inclusion." They've insinuated themselves between parents and their children, while turning national security apparatus against parents who dare to resist radicalization of our children. The same radicalization that leads to one credo being drilled incessantly into the heads of our children - America is bad, very bad indeed.

They've disrupted the strong American work-ethic, characterized white males as "toxic,” and substituted expectations of conformity for ambition and individualism. At the same time, they've convinced the media to abandon journalistic standards in favor of promotion of the Left’s agenda. They've taken over the entertainment industry and Big Tech until they have complete control of 'The Narrative,' the toxic sea we little guppies swim in round the clock, day after day, month after month, and year after year.

In the meantime, where there was once a rustling in the political tea leaves of foreign influence, the winds are now blowing with the force of a million massive typhoons, where it’s now clear that those foreign entities have far more influence than Americans. And, all the while, their well-trained and indoctrinated media are proving how adept they are at ignoring the storm.