Death of Tyre Nichols illuminates problem of Leftist inspired crime, violence and poverty

The Response

Though some are still screaming “RACISM” after five black police officers of a special SCOROPION squad in Memphis beat a man to death January 7, that is only a claim put forth by the irrationally emotional and racially opportunistic. Though some will cry that this is further evidence that we need to “defund the police,” that doesn’t add up with a logical appraisal. But that they would still make these claims illuminates a problem with the Left’s opposition to law and order.

The reality is that these officers committed this act of violence without following any of the procedures in place to avoid just this kind of incident. Numerous commentators with extensive law enforcement experience have pointed to repeated failures on the part of the five officers. They approached him with unwarranted aggression and failed to follow procedure by asking for his license. Instead, one of the officers yanked him out of his car without a word of warning while Tyre Nichols protested that he just wanted to go home and called out for his mother. Then they failed to deescalate the situation, and failed to provide timely care to a man they had injured.

There’s no excuse for this behavior, and certainly not for those charged with maintaining law and order. But this does not condemn the police. It’s one of numerous isolated incidents where a few in blue tarnish the image of the many.

Why doesn’t the Left throw money at this problem?

The Left has a pattern; they frivolously throw taxpayer dollars at problems. And the money is always thrown in a way that will use the problem to shift our society to the Left. LBJ expanded the Welfare state to massive proportions, while disrupting inner-city families and building an unassailable coalition of misguided voters Democrats can count on consistently.

We have a border crisis that Biden and the Left have thrown vast sums at, but specifically to facilitate the exploitation of our open border rather than to do anything about bringing it under control.

The Leftist Democrats spend our money on ‘public education’ while ensuring that it serves the purpose of Leftist indoctrination. They throw money at health care knowing it will increase dependency on the government. While they’ve consistently complained about money spent on the military, they now feel better about that as they’re indoctrinating those serving in WOKEness. But, when it comes to the police...this is a rare problem the Left doesn’t think it can fix with our money.

The Left wants to defund the police while, such as here in Illinois, passing laws that make crime safer for criminals, but make it difficult for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves from criminals.

Honest solutions are ignored because they don’t fit the Left’s agenda.

It is unlikely that five officers from the small Midwestern city where I live would ever commit the act of violence that took the life of Tyre Nichols. While we have crime and violence in this neck of the woods, it’s comparatively rare. No one would call this a violent and crime-ridden environment. But the inner cities are war zones. And that is the atmosphere that pervades there.

Police officers in my area are, no doubt, on guard when dealing with the public, aware of the potential for things to go horribly wrong. But, in the inner city, and I don’t need to be an officer there to know this, officers are on their guard at every moment. They realize that they may confront a violent perpetrator at any time.

Working in an environment where you may suddenly face a violent situation will create a degree of stress. Even in a relatively safe neighborhood, a police officer is bound to deal with a certain amount of stress knowing the risks inherent in their job. How does this stress weigh on a person?

None of this makes what the five Memphis officers did even remotely acceptable. They behaved in what appears to be a criminal manner. In so doing, they left the protection of their badges behind. But it does point to the broader problem where almost 60 years of Welfare has created a cesspool of crime, violence and poverty.

We need change, and the maintenance and increase of a proper, effective police force is essential to that change. The root of the problem is what the Left has done to America’s inner cities. Dependency on the government robs the individual of dignity and opportunity.