Education - The Issue Simply Stated

By Stevan Cooper, By Permission

There is such a simple, yet profound, difference between "our side" and "their side" regarding our philosophies on public education.

We just want our kids to be taught academics in the public schools - good old reading, writing, and arithmetic. The other side has previously jumped on a statement like that claiming that we don't want kids to learn subjects like art, music, PE, etc, and we only want them to learn the "three R's." That's of course just a pathetic attempt to dodge the issue. We want our children to learn all of the core subjects. They also use it as an attempt to claim that we don't want special education for those students who need extra help. Of course we are in favor of special ed!

What we don't want is our children being indoctrinated with a bunch of left-wing woke nonsense. We don't want them groomed. We don't want their undeveloped brains warped with gender-confusion and age-inappropriate discussions of sexuality. Very little of that belongs in the schools in the first place. Certainly none of it belongs in elementary school. We don't want our daughters competing against boys masquerading as girls. We don't want boys in the girl's locker room. We don't want our little white kids told that they are oppressors, and our little black kids told that they are victims.

We don't want math problems where the assignment is to calculate the percentage of unarmed black men gunned-down by police this week. That's not a math lesson. That's a so-called "social justice" discussion designed to vilify whitey.

As I write this I am hearing about a video that will soon be released of a black man being savagely beaten by police officers. There's just one problem...all the police officers are also black. Let's see what BLM and the bleeding-heart liberals have to say about it. We know what they would say if the officers were white. These people are full of hate and division, even though they claim to be inclusive.

Simply stated, we want our children to receive the type of education that we received when we were their age. The "other side" doesn't want that at all. Academics is dead last on the priority list. Diversity, equity, inclusion, etc. all trump academics in their book.

It really is just that simple. If you want your children to actually receive an academic education, you need to get involved, and we need to get the right people in charge.