The ‘Black Lie’ will destroy us; it is destroying us

The Response

The ‘Black Lie’ goes like this: America was created based on racism and has existed as an extension of whites suppressing blacks and other minorities since even before the founding of America (1619, in particular). Based on this scenario, any product of ‘whiteness’ is inherently racist and is indefensible (should the Left cherry pick it for attack). The ‘Black Lie’ also insists that Republicans are the racists.

The truth is that America’s racial problem is a Democrat problem. Democrats were the party of slavery, the party that fought in the Civil War for ‘the right’ to own slaves. Democrats were the party of Jim Crow and Segregation. And, worst of all, Democrats are the party of a welfare program that has largely destroyed the family unit for a vast majority of blacks and inner city families.

The ’Black Lie’ is, in reality, a tool of the Left and Progressives. It is a tool they use not to end racism but to use racism to achieve other goals, in particular to destroy individual liberty and replace it with dependency on the government.

America had an opportunity to avoid racial inequity in 1787 when it adopted the Constitution. It missed that opportunity. However, before you judge too harshly, consider that the concept of individual liberty contained in the constitution was placed there with sufficient sincerity that the country spent the next 70 years struggling with its conscience over the issue of slavery.

Americans honestly believed in the principles of liberty to the extent that the struggle to end the Democrat’s Jim Crow and Segregation policies was never extinguished until those policies were legally defeated.

Unfortunately, Democrats pulled a little political ju-jitsu in the 1960s. They used taxpayer dollars, one of the primary arrows in their quill of deceit and lies. They bought minority votes with promises of cash from the national till. At the same time, they won over voters more interested in superficial solutions than actual solutions.

As long as they can pat themselves on the back claiming higher moral ground, they don’t care if they’re standing on a dung heap. Hold your nose and wave the red flag of socialistic victory.

Currently, the Left is winning. They hid Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 election where, since the election, 18% of those surveyed have said knowledge of the laptop and its legitimacy would have changed their vote. That would have resulted in an overwhelming victory for President Donald Trump.

They are applying overwhelming pressure on companies to push them into ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) policies that are a fast track to socialism at the expense of capitalistic liberty.

These are the same people who used the pandemic to shut down businesses and force individuals to mask, and pushed mandatory shots with a rushed vaccine. These are the same people who keep telling us how the earth is on the verge of … well, something bad.

Yes, something bad. Decades ago, it was another Ice Age. Then it was Global Warming. Now it is Climate Change, a dubious term that allows the flexibility to shift with the winds. They’ve often told us we have 12 years to fix the problem before it is too late. Then, when their deadline passes without global environmental catastrophe, they simply move the goal posts back a few more years.

And, in case anyone has noticed, the solutions from the Left always result in more governmental control and less individual liberty. Always, the solution is a push toward more socialism. Why don’t they ever consider solutions that support individual liberty?