D155 Candidate Goerges vows focus on preparing students for success

Kathy Georges is married and has lived in the community for over 25 years. Both of her children attended and graduated from both School District 47 and High School District 155. She was a volunteer Cary youth sports coach for both boys’ and girls’ basketball, along with girls’ softball when her children were younger.

She’s a pharmacist and has been working in the field of pharmacy for over 30 years. She has served as a Clinical Advisor for 25 years.

Kathy believes that children are a precious gift and that we as a community have the privilege and responsibility to care for them, protect them and value them.

Kathy’s Top Priorities:
  1. Preserve D155 parent(s) rights. She’ll strive to have open communication with both parents and community and begin to restore trust that has been broken. Enforce Accountability and Transparency by disclosing polices, curriculum, and costs prior to board decisions. The community has a vested interest … No Rubber Stamping.
  2. Elevate Academic Achievement for ALL students by engaging D155 parent(s) and educators to focus on academic instruction, not agendas. Support the ability of educators to teach academics and bring common sense in education. Prioritize teaching Math, Science, English, History, and Economics to help improve 2022 Proficiency Scores: 39% English & Language arts (ELA); 40.6% Math. Help students focus on core academics by eliminating mandatory non-academic instruction. Elevate academic performance for all children. Such a focus can lead the way for a chance of a prosperous life for ALL children regardless of which career path is chosen.
  3. Be mindful and work towards transparency of district expenditures.
Kathy’s Promise

I will LISTEN to the voices of teachers, students, parents, and community members. I will WORK with others to find solutions. Our differences should not impact the ability for us to find solutions.

Kathy’s Questions to the Voters
  1. Are you aware of expenditures in staff training and classroom time dedicated to “Equity Journey Training”?
    • Vendor chosen 2020-2021 Systemic Educational Equity, LLC
    • 2022-2023 Actionable Plans to be developed
  2. Are you confident high school district 155 will continue to stand against sexualizing the children?
  3. Will D155 board members represent you to elevate academic excellence and stand against the infiltration of agenda driven policies?
  4. Will D155 continue to be a good steward of the community spending of stakeholders’ tax dollars?
  5. Will we be able to retain high performing teachers in the district?
  6. Are you aware of expenditures in staff training and classroom time dedicated to “Equity Journey Training”?
    • As teachers are increasingly being asked to teach social agendas.

Let’s have a seat at the table and bring in

“Common Sense Education”

Kathy’s Request

I need your help. I will not be able to do this alone and need our community as key stake holders to be active participants in this journey and in essence have a seat at the table. I am thankful for D155 administration staff, teachers, and children. Let’s continue to pursue excellence by elevating the standard for everyone and be bold, courageous and brave together along the way.