Only a liar would deny the Durham Report

The Response
05/20 2023

As Special Counsel John Durham submitted his “REPORT ON MATTERS RELATED TO INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITES AND INVESTIGATIONS ARISING OUT OF THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS (link to the report) the findings should have sent shockwaves through every aspect of America. The unmitigated truth is that the bureaucracy was proven to have colluded on behalf of one party and against the other. And yet, many of those with Trump Derangement Syndrome refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth.

It's as if you’ve caught a punk with a spray can in his hands, spray paint on his fingers, standing in front of a wall with still-wet graffiti, and you’ve got the entire episode of vandalism on a video recording and they still adamantly deny their guilt. “What spray can? What wall?”

When Robert Mueller assembled his team for the Mueller investigation, he chose a group of some of the most rabid anti-Trump prosecutors available. They spent 2-1/2 years investigating the claim that Trump was colluding with Russia and they came up empty. If there was anything they could have nailed Trump with, this group would have done it. If they could have gotten him for failing to return a library book on time, they’d have done it.

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The fact that Mueller failed so miserably should be all the proof we need. It’s been clear for some time now that this was all a Leftist and Hillary fabrication. The Durham Report merely confirmed what we already believed, though it did add some interesting tidbits.

For instance, we now know, conclusively, that Barack Obama knew what was going on from the start. Is it possible that he had some kind of responsibility to spare the country four years of attacks designed to interfere with a legitimately elected president? On what moral basis did he keep his mouth shut? Simple - he kept his mouth shut because he was in on it. He approved of it. He facilitated it.

And yet we have the naysayers. We have the Washington Post and NY Times with reporters who received 10 Pulitzer Prizes each for their coverage of the Russian-Collusion story. And we now know that many of them knew it was a lie while they were writing their stories. They didn’t come clean, not even as they accepted their ‘prizes.’

No wonder those who so vociferously attacked Trump won’t fess up now. To give their prizes back or apologize would mean admitting that they were wrong. And Trump is a candidate again. How many Americans can they deceive, along with those who want nothing better than to be deceived?

If the Durham Report is, as they say, not worth the paper it’s written on, why don’t these people prove it? Durham named specific individuals and specific instances of fabrication, lying and wrongdoing. Pick one and prove it wrong.

Of course, we have exited the Atomic Age and entered the Fantasy Age where someone can change their gender just by claiming to have done so, with or without physical alterations. Where America is condemned by refusing to take an honest look at her past. Where an open Southern Border is closed simply by claiming as much. If we can live with all these lies, why do we need to come clean about the political corruption that has harmed America so deeply?

The truth is worse than that, however. The truth is that their refusal to admit the spray can in their hands had anything to do with the wet paint on the wall is an indication that they feel completely safe continuing to steal elections and destroy America at will. They’re not done yet and it’s only going to get worse unless enough Americans decide to stand up to them.

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