Get paid to be your own boss with stress-free “Franchise-Alternative”

By Rich Rostron
The Response

Bill Thomas, the owner of Northern Illinois Windows based in McHenry, remembers what it takes to start a business having started his window cleaning company serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin 32 years ago. He also understands what a daunting task it is for those who buy a franchise, and, in response, he’s created an alternative to give someone with an entrepreneurial spirit a leg up.

“Starting a business is tough,” said Thomas. “Putting all the pieces together is a tough job. The equipment, staffing, a marketing plan, building a customer base: when you start from scratch, this is an almost insurmountable job. And those buying a franchise have to do all that while making their franchise payments.”

Over the years he’s watched people who have bought window cleaning franchises fail one after another. Though he’s never sold franchises himself, he thinks it’s time someone helped those who have the drive and energy to make a go of it.

“Essentially, what I’m doing is offering a franchise alternative,” said Thomas. “I’ll provide the truck, all the equipment and a base salary. I’ll even offer health, dental, vision and life insurance. With their base salary and a percentage of sales, rather than putting up a big franchise fee, they stand to make as much as $1,500 a week.”

Thomas will also offer training and coaching. In other words, they may have little or no business experience. They may never have cleaned a window in their lives. It doesn’t matter, he’ll train them. And he’ll coach them along the road to success. All they need is the drive to succeed.

Thomas said that he started his own business because he wanted to be his own boss. He’s sure that there are others today who feel the same way. He said that his “Franchise Alternative” is an opportunity for him to give back a little with someone who is willing to make his own way in the world.

He pointed out that, with his “Franchise Alternative,” the right person will have a chance to be their own boss without shouldering all the pressure and strain that is a staple with the customary franchise experience.

“I think this is more than a Franchise-like opportunity; it’s a way to learn how to run a business and launch an entrepreneurial career,” he said.

Thomas said that interested candidates should give him a call at 815.385.6646. They can also email a resume to bill@niwservice.com.