Leftist Subversion Is Separating Americans From Their Rights

With Permission of MARK STEVEN ZUELKE
For The Response

Marxism/Maoism/Leninism instructs that a very effective strategy to subvert government is to use its own intrinsic values against it, so to weaken the value and subjugate it to a centralized power. Thus, our Constitution of the United States of America clearly bestows power to the people who are created equal and endowed with God-given rights.

How to subvert this?

“Identity politics” along with the closely related stratagem of “Critical Race Theory” are caustically divisive tools currently being used. So, yes, we are all equals, but some, they say, are MORE EQUAL than others. This is not a totally baseless argument when deconstructed to a personal and human level. So that grain of truth is inflated until it becomes a negating factor to the Constitutional claim of equality!

Building upon that, they (the Left) then claim to be champions of those who they claim are “less equal.” When this all becomes ingrained in our American narrative (and it nearly is!), the Leftists have successfully subverted the Constitution and entered in as the source of unity, a peacemaker amidst the chaos they themselves have fomented.

This latter state will see the suppression of righteous morality, traditional values, and faith in God because these hold power the government cannot control.

Goodbye freedom and justice – We cherished but forgot thee.