It isn’t Donald Trump, per se, they’re attacking – it’s his supporters

The Response

The incessant attacks on former President Donald Trump are mind-boggling. The hypocrisy is blatant, and the motives are painfully obvious. The Left and Never-Trumpers want to get him. They’re determined to get him. And if they can’t throw him in prison, possibly for the rest of his life, they’ll settle for wounding him to the extent that they can destroy him politically.

Do they simply hate the man this much? Not a chance. Before he entered politics, many of those attacking him now were chummy with him. At the very least, they were happy to accept his political contributions. They hung out with him. Heck, Bill and Hillary attended Trump’s wedding to former First-Lady Melania Trump.

Did Trump say something that was a faux paus when the Clinton’s shook his hand in the receiving line at the wedding? That doesn’t explain the angst Hillary has shown him since. Nor does their electoral competition in 2016. As politically rugged as that was, it’s not the first time and opponents have generally stayed on relatively polite terms. And that still wouldn’t explain the virulent attitude of so many other politicians, the media, Big Tech, and the federal bureaucracy.

Clearly, there is something else about Donald Trump that they hate.

Maybe it’s his tweets. Maybe it’s some of the things he says. This doesn’t make sense, as well, since he often says things the provide ammunition for his enemies (I call them enemies, not opponents, since we’ve clearly moved way behind a friendly competition). Anger at some of the things he says wouldn’t explain a desire to lock him up for good or politically destroy him.

What, then, is it about Donald Trump that they hate so much?

The answer is among those reading this page. It’s those Americans who support him that bring out the hatred from the Left and Never Trumpers. Trump supporters represent something the Left hates with a passion.

Trump supporters represent those who believe in the rule of law. They believe that, in spite of all of her warts, America is still the greatest country this planet has ever seen. They believe that, as such, the proper approaching going forward is not to tear the country down to start over.

Trump supporters believe that it’s one thing to support the rights of individuals to live their lives as they choose and quite another to attack those who don’t endorse those lifestyles; that it’s a crime to indoctrinate children to create a generation of Stepford kids who follow the radical Left’s agenda.

Trump supporters believe in borders. They have nothing against immigrants but want them to enter the country legally and have an honest desire to participate in America according to our constitution – to respect the concept of individual liberty.

Trump supporters believe in the right of individuals to pursue their dreams, even if success means substantial wealth. They do feel that the wealthy should play by the rules but that they shouldn’t be unduly penalized for their success.

Trump supporters believe that people shouldn’t seek out and cling to victimhood. In all lives a little rain must fall. But don’t revel in it. Don’t make careers out of it. And don’t beat others incessantly over the head with it. If you need some assistance, honestly, we’re all for helping out. But, otherwise, get over it and move on.

We include blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, Asians, Native Americans, Muslims, Jews and Christians. We appreciate anyone who supports individual liberty and have little time for those who don’t.

All of this makes Trump supporters a threat to the agenda for a New Socialist States of America. And Donald Trump is the standard bearer for those supporters. After decades of indoctrinating our children, we are the last true obstacle to the Left’s agenda. In other words, it only makes sense that the Left would target Trump.

As the Left has shown, they will do anything, say anything, to achieve their goals of transforming America into their vision of a socialist Utopia. In other words, it’s up to us to stand up to the Left and Donald Trump is the only candidate who appears to fully understand what this is all about. We need to stand up for him.