LGB (etcetera) Push Is A Threat To Liberty

The Response

Referring to members of the LGB(etcetera) community without including all the latest additions to that abbreviated title is almost certainly something the Left will call out as “discriminatory homophobia and transphobic,” along with an assortment of other phobias they’re likely to throw at me. Of course, in my defense, I would point out that no one has a right to demand that I keep up with this ever-growing acronym.

The keyword above, however, is “discriminatory.” The word “discriminatory” is the Left’s Kryptonite that paralyzes the rationale for liberty and replaces it with a toxic alternative that the Left likes to pretend is the same. In fact, the Left does a lot more than pretend. They coerce, threaten, intimidate and indoctrinate to wipe the naysayers from the surface of public discourse.

A judge just ruled today that the Biden administration has committed possibly the most heinous crime of infringing on free speech in American history. The administration did so by colluding with Big Tech social media companies to censor speech on their platforms. The case against the administration charged censorship in terms of those who dared to speak out about the handling of the pandemic and those who dared to point out the validity of the Hunter Biden laptop. But it’s absurd to think the censorship stops there.

Any time a group sets out to insist that people don’t “discriminate,” they bear a burden of responsibility, should they acknowledge and support the concept of free speech. They must achieve their goals while allowing people to think and speak for themselves. That is a difficult task – difficult should you get half a dozen people in the same room, not to mention when you’re talking about 330-million Americans.

The issues becomes one of priority; does free speech trump the Left’s definition of “discrimination?” And once the concept of discrimination is embraced, where will it stop?

With the LGB(etcetera) community, it hasn’t stopped to protect young children from the potential of unfounded decisions that might effect the rest of their lives. I support the rights of someone to decide that they were born the wrong sex and try to change. I don’t agree that they actually know what it means to be the other sex, or that they can actually change sex, but I support their right to believe whatever they want to believe – as long as it doesn’t infringe on my personal freedoms.

When it comes to children, however, the issue isn’t whether they have the right or not but whether we, as a society, should protect them from making ill-informed decisions with long-lasting repercussions. If they want to join the trans community, pull their innie out or shove their outie in, that’s their business. All we ask is that they wait until there are the age of adulthood as defined by the idea of consenting adults.

If someone attacks them then, regardless of the motivation for the attack, the attacker needs to be held accountable. Attacks, however, do not include saying things that are ‘unkind.’ The don’t, in my opinion, include the idea that I should have to hire someone from the LGB(etcetera) community because it’s deemed “discriminatory” not to.

In every direction, laws to end “discrimination” run up against individual liberty. The reality is that, with individual liberty, the LGB(etcetera) community is forced to plead its case as opposed to relying on laws, backdoor censorship and indoctrination to bring everyone over to their side.

The LGB(etcetera) community was very active in pleading its case. It successfully convinced most Americans of the need for tolerance when it comes to these people who have, shall we say, peculiar ideas about existence. They convinced most Americans that their perspectives should not deny them certain basic rights, such as the right to stay bedside in the hospital with a dying or ill ‘partner.’

We go too far, however, when we abandon a campaign to convince more people to our side and instead adopt a multifaceted program, such as we’re seeing in America today.

The Left is going after children because they recognize these as “the formative years.” ‘Get ‘em while they’re young.’ That’s the Left’s motto that doesn’t always go unspoken anymore. Consider the LGB(etcetera) chant at one of their parades in June in NYC – “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.”

Liberty isn’t neat and tidy. Change doesn’t happen overnight (a good thing since the latest trends seldom take us down the wisest path). But trying to bring everyone over to your side through means that are outside of free speech and freedom of thought are a recipe for disaster. And even if you belong to the LGB(etcetera) community, you should be able to see that.