The American School Board, An Ethics Free Zone

The Response

It was late January 2022. Seven of us gathered at a local restaurant to discuss issues facing our school district. COVID was on the decline, and despite a Supreme Court ruling that masking was unconstitutional without a state of emergency, our district continued to mask and quarantine children. My experience since that day has been both remarkable and appalling.

If you think sexual confusion, political indoctrination, filthy books in school libraries, Critical Race Theory and communist global citizenship training isn’t happening in your school district, you’re very likely wrong. Why should you care? Because you are footing the bill for it, and the price tag includes a threat to our entire republic.

For decades school boards across the country ran themselves with virtually no oversight. The hierarchy of power shifted from We the People to the administrations. School directors entrusted all preliminary work to administrators. Board members grew lazy and bloated with arrogance.

Meanwhile, leftists took control of our government and teachers unions. When COVID hit, big money was proffered in the form of ESSER grants. Leftists hid their subversive agenda inside 75+ pages of grant requirements few school boards would ever read. Nor would they grasp the consequences of instituting the required Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), the perfect delivery system for socialist indoctrination.

Following 16 months of board meeting attendance, this is my informed opinion. First amendment rights were violated. Open meetings laws were violated. Districts illegally administered invasive, self-incriminating surveys to students without verifiable written parental consent. School directors complained about Right To Know requests while refusing information to the public.

These directors swore an oath to uphold our constitutions, yet continually violated that oath. I believe the sheer volume of criminality I’ve witnessed would dwarf the record of many career criminals.

“They read and I think reading is good. If that gets someone in a book, by all means, I am fine with that.” said one school director in reference to sexually explicit books in a school library. Ethics, laws and morality simply don’t seem to apply to them. Yet we’ve entrusted them with our entire future – our children.

If you think this isn’t happening in your neighborhood, know this: If your school district took the COVID money, they swallowed the poison SEL pill for you. Brush up on your state’s open meetings laws and get to your school board meetings. The loss of our republic is only one generation away. You are all that stands in the gap.