Democrat Whistleblower Hypocrisy Bolsters Validity Of Accusations

The Response

I watched enough of the House Biden Whistleblower Hearing to notice that the Democrat’s response has nothing to do with the accusations the whistleblowers have levied against the Bidens and the bureaucracy. Instead of questioning the whistleblowers, when it’s their turn to talk, Democrats bloviated with attacks against Republicans who dare holding the hearings in the first place.

This is a peculiar approach considering their prior Leftist demand that all whistleblowers be respected and that their testimony be treated as valid. That earlier attitude was on full display during the Ukraine Phone Call Impeachment Hearings. In that case, Col. Alexander Vindmen was presented as a whistleblower with first-hand knowledge of the phone call.

It was only later that we learned that Vindmen, with questionable motives considering his party affiliation, was actually referring to claimed second-hand accounts of the phone call.

The prominent complaint against Republicans that I heard was a suggestion that Republicans have no right to complain about a weaponized justice system serving the Democrat party because justice in America has been historically weaponized against blacks. The Democrats will have to excuse me if I question the validity of their complaint while also pointing out that it is an apples and oranges comparison, at best.

That there has been racial bias in the application of justice in America in that past, is to some degree, certainly true. Often, what is an economic variation in the application of justice is now portrayed as a racial variance. On the other hand, where we find actual racial injustice of this type, it is almost exclusively Democrats who wielded that racially unjust application of power.

Still, to whatever degree you buy the Leftist Democrats’ argument, how does that translate to consideration of a political application of injustice. When justice is applied against political opponents, we have degenerated to the status of a banana republic.

This is the kind of approach to politics we have seen for generations in small countries run by minor dictators. It’s also what we see in Russia where political opponents have been poisoned and in China where, well, no one would dare to stand against Chairman Xi.

If the Democrats thought they could actually challenge what the whistleblowers are saying, their Leftist approach to the hearings would involve intense questioning whenever the Leftists have the floor. The absence of such questions is glaring.

The Democrats have surrendered any honest cross examination because they know there is none. Lacking the ability to knockdown the evidence honestly, they’re attacking the idea of the hearings and, in such a way, demonstrating a lack of respect to the whistleblowers.

During the Ukrainian Phone Call Impeachment Hearings, Republicans challenged the whistleblowers extensively. Democrats claimed Republicans were failing to respect the whistleblowers by daring to ask questions that probed for the truth.

It’s not really a big surprise that the Leftist Democrat approach to whistleblowers all depends on which way the whistleblows.