Destigmatizing "Pedophilia" Is Inexcusable

The Response

She’s working on her Phd as a social worker or psychiatrist, I forget which, and the premise she made was that we need to “destigmatize pedophilia” so that those with pedophilic tendencies will seek help rather than harm children.

She gave the example of some guy who she referred to as the king or granddad of pedophiles. The story she shared was that this individual sought help first. He claims that he went to a psychiatrist and, when he told the shrink that he was sexually attracted to children, the psychiatrist refused to work with him. Having been rejected by the psychiatric profession, he apparently went about molesting children until he ‘earned’ the aforementioned title.

Initially, I agreed that the psychiatrist should have tried to find him help. But I’ve thought about that and have arrived at several contrary conclusions. The first of these conclusions is that he should have sought a second opinion, or even a third. Who knows why the first psychiatrist rejected his call for help; maybe the psychiatrist was sexually assaulted as a child. Maybe the psychiatrist was simply incapable of responding in any other way.

But does the doctor's refusal to help in any way lessen the crime? Not in the least.

The Phd student I spoke with suggested that he’s not to blame for what attracts him sexually. Maybe. Maybe not. But there’s no question that he is to blame for his actions. And, from what she described, he is utterly condemned by his actions, as described by the Phd client (I am not personally familiar with his story).

The essence of what the Phd student said is that it’s not his fault or, at least, he shares the blame with the psychiatrist who didn’t respond with help when he reached out. I think it’s commendable that he sought help. I think it’s despicable that he didn’t persevere in that effort rather than surrender to his sick personal desires. But, beyond that, does the idea of “destigmatizing” pedophilia have any merit?

Not a shred. I can't see that destigmatizing the utterly selfish nature of desiring children will lead pedophiles to opt for help. The obvious solution would be to force them to WORK WITH PSYCHIATRISTS AND SOCIAL WORKERS to ensure they respond differently when approached this way in the future.

Training within the profession might identify those who, somehow, can work with these people. Those who can’t could then refer such individuals to those who specialize in working with these people. But, if someone can’t otherwise be restrained from this behavior, they need to be institutionalized.

Not one single child should have to suffer as these sick souls indulge their inner demons.

Unfortunately, this is not a far-fetched discussion in our country today. Pedophiles have already created ‘warm and fuzzy’ alternative names for themselves that are less ‘stigmatizing.’ I believe the term is “Minor Attracted Persons,” or something like that. This fits with a Leftist culture where gender can be fluid to fit the whims of the individual rather than biological reality.

Radio commentator Dennis Prager warned us about this years ago. He warned that the embrace and normalization of gender dysphoria will inevitably lead to the demand for normalization of pedophilia. He was right.