Leadership Today in the United States

The Response
August 1st, 2023

Throughout American history there have been many presidents who have led this country to prosperity and there have been presidents who have led the country to chaos. If one has proven incompetency throughout his political career, why elect that person to lead, not only the country in which we live, but the last stand for freedom on planet Earth. Leadership and order are necessary if we care even the slightest bit about preserving freedom. Today, our “leader” is leading us... like sheep to the slaughter.

We have strayed far from the ideals of leadership to move us forward; we have created for ourselves a confusion filled enigma of a country. We don’t even know where we are heading even while the current administration is telling us where we’re going. What has happened is that Americans have lost morale, and they no longer want to engage in the political arena leaving power to be redistributed from the people back to the government allowing the government to lead us how they like and not in the interests of “We The People.”

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s election has undoubtedly brought Chaos to this once great country of ours in a time that may determine the continuum of peace and prosperity for all. Of all the different qualities of a good leader, Joe Biden possesses little to none of them.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was arguably the most embarrassing event that took place in our nation's history, changing the political dynamics of the world in favor of our enemies. Joe Biden showed weakness on the world stage, leaving behind American citizens, and leaving behind billions of dollars in military equipment. In the 12-page US Withdrawal from Afghanistan document released by the White House, the Biden Administration took little to no accountability for the mismanaged withdrawal, accountability being a key quality of a good leader.

The US/Mexican border crisis has brought more than 37,000 pounds of fentanyl, more than 100 people whose names appear on the terrorist watchlist, and more than 4.6 million illegal immigrants since Biden took office. These records are the highest there have ever been and Joe Biden has stated that everything is fine and that there isn’t a problem. Communication and honesty are qualities of a good leader, qualities not shown by Joe Biden and his administration.

Bidenflation has erased purchasing power from all Americans considerably hurting the lower classes by increasing the cost of food, energy, and housing. All of these have skyrocketed while incomes have shown little growth. The Biden Administration has been in control for more than 2.5 years and in that time he’s managed the highest annual inflation rates in recent history. The economy is a top concern for most Americans, one our “leader” exacerbates.

We must review moments in history where true leaders have done so much for the people that if given the opportunity, they would have elected them for a third or fourth term knowing they would not accept.

One notable leader was George Washington, the Father of our Country. He was chosen to be the leader of the American Revolution, the Constitutional Convention and the first president of the United States of America. He was chosen not by lobbyists and special interest groups but because he was trusted and because he was considered to be a person of the highest moral character; incorruptible and noble. He demonstrated many qualities of leadership such as humility when being hesitant to accept the position of President and he very well could have become King but retired after his second term.

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States, played a pivotal role in establishing the new nation. He showed great strength during his presidency, having experienced years of tragedy and misfortune in his personal life. Regardless, he stayed fully present and instituted many social reforms to protect private property rights and individual rights. His famous 10 Rules for Life, which are a list of axioms for good behavior, are great leadership lessons which we could all still follow today.

Abraham Lincoln, arguably the best president in history, led the young country through the American Civil War and preserved the union. Seven states had seceded from the union before his inauguration and in just over one month the Confederate States of America was formed, four more states seceded, and the Civil War began. He inherited a seemingly doomed country, even James Buchanan said at one point “I am the last President of the United States!” but he built the Republican Party up, declared slaves to be free and reunited the country.

It’s clear that we are currently not being led in the right direction; we must be aware of that fact and pursue the path of freedom regardless. The freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government makes this country the freest on Earth. To be this free requires the need for us to think critically and to have someone who will lead us to perpetuate the great struggle of maintaining our liberties. It’s too early to forget the ideas that brought the United States of America to exist and if necessary, we must lead ourselves with the ideals left behind by the greatest leaders.