Sound of Freedom Breaks the Sound Barrier

Exposes Reality of Child Sex Trafficking

The Response

The theater was packed. None of us knew quite what to expect. None of us were prepared for what we were about to receive.

The Sound of Freedom is a compelling saga of two kidnapped children, sold into sex slavery and retrieved through the dogged determination of one man, Homeland Security Agent Tim Ballard. After viewing a horrifying child sex tape, confiscated as evidence, Tim locates and rescues the boy in the film. Their meeting becomes a spiritual experience that weaves a thread of hopeful expectation throughout the entire film. Tim makes it his life’s mission to rescue the boy’s sister. In turn, he saves many other children from a life of unspeakable torment.

As the lights dimmed, a hushed blanket of anticipation gripped us. For an hour and a half, we sat spellbound, hoping, praying, some of us quietly weeping. As the film wound to a close no one moved or spoke. Cell phones were silent. We waited through the credits in anticipation of Jim Caviesel’s personal message. When it was over, still, no one moved. The sheer power of this film speaks volumes as to its social and psychological impact.

The Sound of Freedom ended production in 2018. At the time, the rights were owned by 21st Century Fox. However, Disney acquired Fox in 2019, and subsequently shelved the movie. Whatever the reasons behind Disney’s failure to release the film, their actions bring some very uncomfortable questions to the forefront.

From the time of its conception, through to its release in July 2023, the hand of God was on the Sound of Freedom. This film has shattered the carefully crafted facades of rich and powerful individuals who callously fund, and indulge in, the vile trade of child sex trafficking. This is easy to see in the bogus reviews of the film and attempts to smear its actors and producers.

Look carefully at those who are falsely calling this film “Quanonesque.” Look carefully at those who are attacking Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard. Ask why certain entities tried to stop this film from being released? Ask why certain theme parks use pedophile symbols on their rides? Ask who did not want you to see this film? Ask why?

They did not want you to see this, or to hear the cries of the children, because the scales would fall from your eyes. Once those scales fall, your eyes are irretrievably opened. You can never pretend not to know again.

The movie’s message to those who need to learn that, “God’s Children are not for Sale” is, we see you now.