Extreme Maga On Parade!

DNC’s Milwaukee debate ad flaunts the truth about who is actually “extreme”

The Response

During the Republican Presidential Primary Debates in Milwaukee Wednesday night (Aug. 8), it was reported that the Democrat National Committee booked a plane to fly over the city towing a banner that read, “GOP 2024: A Race for the Extreme MAGA Base.” This has been a common theme from the Left and from Pres. Joe Biden. It’s also a lie.

The chance that some would accept the concept of MAGA as “extreme” probably has more to do with Pres. Donald Trump’s demeanor, which is essentially to say the way that he responds to those who attack him, than reality. Are the policies of his administration from 2017 to 2021 “extreme?” Are those referred to as MAGA supporters “extreme?” What is the standard by which they are judged?

Trump’s policies when he was president included closed borders, law and order, avoiding new wars while maintaining a strong military, and attacking the Deep State Swamp in D.C. He spoke of reduced government spending but many of his supporters feel this is one area where he could have done a better job and have operated further from the “extreme” big spenders in government.

What is “extreme” about those positions? On what basis are the Democrats calling him and “MAGA” supporters “extreme?” This brings us to consideration of the standards by which they judge his policies and supporters as “extreme.”

A year ago, Biden signed a massive spending bill that was called “The Inflation Reduction Act.” The mass majority of economists will tell you that big government spending, which includes printing more money to pump into the economy, IS NOT an effective way to restrain inflation. Big spending IS “extreme.”

Though Republicans have a dismal record of standing up against the Left’s massive spending, and are almost as guilty as the Left in this regard, is it more “extreme” to spend trillions of dollars or to show fiscal restraint?

In terms of our open border, Biden has reversed Trump’s policies that reduced the number of people coming over our Southern border and ended catch and release. Under Biden’s administration of the border, we are setting records for the numbers of illegals entering the country, and catch and release is again the order of the day.

Along with millions of illegals that have entered America during the Biden presidency, we also have record numbers of those on terrorist watch lists, sex traffickers, and fentanyl in mass quantities. Fentanyl is the No. 1 killer of Americans between the ages of 18-45. How is that not “extreme?” How is giving Mexican drug cartels control of significant stretches of our Southern border not “extreme?”

With Biden in office, defunding the police is spreading like wildfire across blue states, such as Illinois, and in big cities dominated by Democrats. The same state and city governments are pushing no-cash bail policies that return potentially dangerous people to the street. Is it more “extreme” to lock up dangerous criminals or to protect criminals while putting victims in danger again?

Some question the monies the U.S. is sending to Ukraine. Whichever side is right, there’s no debate that Biden initially held the door open for Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin to roll into the country and set it on fire. He was further encouraged by a demonstration of “extreme” weakness, militarily and intellectually.

That further demonstration occurred in Afghanistan when, eager to pull the U.S. out of the country by the 20th anniversary of going in, Biden yanked the rearguard out before the support staff, before taking Afghan allies who fought with us during the war, and without removing $8 billion of operational U.S. military equipment, which is now used and/or sold off by the Taliban. And who, exactly, is buying that equipment and who will they use it again?

In terms of The Swamp, the president’s son, Hunter Biden is the ultimate beneficiary of The Swamp and its weaponization of justice. At the same time, Donald Trump is the No. 1 target of the weaponized Swamp.

Every time one of the four indictments was announced, they came right after bad news hit about the slow-walked Hunter investigation and the information a Congressional committee is finally looking at in that regard. The charges against Trump were kept under wraps until the campaign.

And considering, for instance, the charges related to handling secret documents, the Justice Department and the media seem to have ignored the fact that Biden has more documents, has had them longer, was not president when he took them and has spread them in unsecured locations from his beach-house garage to an office funded by China’s CCP.

In the meantime, The Swamp tried to slither past justice with a plea deal for Hunter that would have permanently insulated him (and his father) from further investigation into why foreign adversaries and individuals have paid the Biden crime family millions, if not billionsof dollars.

What is clear is that the Left has unfettered control of The Swamp and is more than willing to use it against any opponents who, first and foremost, pose a threat to The Swamp. That means Trump. So, which is more “extreme” – fighting The Swamp or swimming with The Swamp?

Biden and the Left are counting on some ambiguity to cloud the judgement of those they speak to when calling Trump and MAGA “extreme.” A little cool-headed consideration strips away the ambiguity and the clouds. On a clear day, we can see who is actually “extreme”, and it’s not Trump or MAGA.