"The Big Lie" IS The Big Lie

Trump-attack overkill exposes “The Big Lie” as the actual big lie

The Response

The Left, Democrats, the Legacy Media, Biden and the injustice system in America are telling us that Donald Trump deserves …
And these are the same people we can trust to tell us that our elections are fair and honest?

I saw a video today that looked back at the 2020 election and compared it to just one verified claim of election fraud – the 2000 Mules claim.

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie (but should), the video by Dinesh D'Souza showed ‘mules’ dumping illicit ballots into ballot boxes. The video also looked at the numbers of mules, boxes and potential ballots. The video mentioned above was very conservative in its estimations of the number of ballots per ‘deposit.’

The video suggested that only five ballots were ‘deposited’ at a time. With the number of mules determined to operate in critical states, the video demonstrated that, just considering the mules was more than enough to turn the election. Not just enough but overwhelmingly enough.

The 2000 Mules factor, however, doesn’t take into account the way Leftist/Democrat governors politically weaponized the Pandemic to violate their state election laws. It also doesn’t take into consideration ballot harvesting, a practice Democrats once attacked but now defend claiming that opposition to ballot harvesting is a racist form of voter suppression (funny how anything that doesn’t move the needle in the Left’s favor is always “racist”).

The 2000 Mules factor also doesn’t include the mass collusion of the Leftist racket to discredit the Hunter laptop story. Discrediting the story, which has proven 100% true, includes current Sec. of State Anthony Blinken, then working on the Biden campaign, distributing a very carefully worded letter to 51 top former national security officials suggesting the laptop story has “all the earmarks of Russian misinformation.”

While the FBI colluded with Big Tech, and the Legacy Media happily colluded with Biden and the DNC, Biden used the letter to deflect Trump’s reference to the laptop in the last debate before the election. And did that make a difference?

According to polls, it made a difference that was vastly more than the difference in the election. In other words, based simply on hiding and discrediting the laptop story, the Left and Biden stole the election.

Don’t forget, however, that no one has ever appropriately explained why the counting of ballots in the wee hours of Wednesday, Nov. 4, was suddenly stopped. And no one has explained why those counting the ballots would listen to one candidate telling them to stop, especially when there’s little chance they’d have stopped if the other candidate told them to stop.

The only reasonable explanation is that the Left saw the election slipping away to Trump and knew that, if they didn’t do something quick, they wouldn’t have time to ‘fix’ the election.

The sum total of all this evidence is that there is no way Joe Biden honestly won the 2020 election. It’s absurd to suggest that he did. And yet, suggesting that he didn’t is called out by the Left, Big Tech, the Legacy Media, Democrats (and RINO Republicans) as “The Big Lie.”

With amazing speed, the term “The Big Lie” was rolled out across all corners of America and everywhere in between. It’s almost as if the term was created in advance while anticipating its need.

And here we are, with the people who rolled out the phrase, “The Big Lie,” who called out anyone who didn’t go along quietly with the shutdown, masking and vaccinations “dangerous science deniers,” telling us that Trump deserves …
At least Artificial Intelligence has hit the scene just in time to increase the public’s confidence in what they see and hear.

Well written, Rich. What is going on should scare the hell out of everyone, no matter which side of the aisle they are on. This is no longer "America."
- Dawn Rowe

I agree, this is no longer America. But America continues to exist as long as liberty, and a determination to defend it, is held dear in the hearts of Americans.
- Rich