Biden's Iranian Connection

In midst of Hamas attacks, Biden admin has troubling Iranian Connection

The Response

As Hamas attacks Israel, and Israel responds, the Biden administration has conducted a full-court press to defend itself after releasing $6 billion in previously frozen funds to Iran. The Biden defense is twofold.

First, Biden claims the money given to Iran can only be used for humanitarian purposes and that Qatar will supervise the dispersal of funds accordingly. Second, the Biden administration claims Iran had nothing to do with Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Both statements are implausible and, if not so tragic, downright laughable. Of course, Iran had everything to do with Hamas attacking Israel. While Biden’s claiming they had nothing to do with it, the world has long known that Hamas operates at the behest of Iran.

If Hamas acted without implicit agreement, orders and/or planning assistance of Iran, it would be a first. On Oct. 8, the Wall Street Journal reported that “that officials from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had partnered with Hamas since August to prepare for the breach of Israel's borders.”

Also on Oct. 8, The Atlantic reported that “The attack on Israel was a message from Iran.”

There is only one reason the Biden administration would work so feverishly to swim upstream against logic and reason on this issue; politically speaking, the timing of the attack, coming so shortly after the release of $6 billion to Iran, was not exactly a good thing for the administration.

Oct. 7, the day of the attacks, Politico ran an article with the headline, “Iran praises Hamas as attack reverberates around Middle East.” Even if Iran, completely obliterating logic, had nothing to do with the attacks, do we really want to give that kind of money to someone who “praises” and encourages such terrorism?

The headline of an Oct. 9 article in the Washington Post reads, “Hamas received weapons and training from Iran, officials say.” The ‘officials’ are “current and former Western and Middle Eastern intelligence officials.”

It’s notable that many of the media sources named above are those who generally have the president’s back. Of course, the articles are all within the first few days after the attack and before the dictated narrative may have been fomented for their uses.

As for the idea that the funds released to Iran can’t be used for anything but humanitarian purposes, for those of us living in Illinois, all you need do is look at the Illinois State Lottery. It was created with the promise that funds from the lottery would go towards education.

While we have reason to believe that Illinois has adhered to that ‘promise,’ we also know that it’s a bit of a joke; Lottery funds go towards education but the funds that would otherwise have been used for education are now used elsewhere. It’s all a matter of slight of hand.

Consider what one commentator said recently, ‘We can’t figure out where large portions of COVID funds went in this country, how are we going to track $billions sent to Iran?’

And, in the meantime, Congress is investigating how key negotiators in secret nuclear negotiations with Iran, have compromising ties to the Iranian regime. If that’s not a little unsettling, a nuclear bomb in McHenry County is just a firecracker in someone’s backyard.

Then we have the graphic above showing how much money we, the taxpayers, have sent to Palestinians since 2009. What percentage of these funds were actually used as we, the taxpayers, intended? And how much of this was used to provide weapons that killed Israelis recently?

It’s clear to see that, one way or another, the Biden administration has a troubling Iranian Connection.