Anti-Israel Campaign Active

The Arab Lobby andi ndoctrination – long-term effort to undermine U.S.-Israeli relationship

The Response

One of the historical bulwarks of Israel’s ability to withstand ceaseless attacks from her neighbors, whether those attacks involved sophisticated national armed forces or terrorists’ assaults, is Israel’s relationship with the United States. That represents a strength and a potential weakness.

Think about it from the Arab perspective – the Arab who fervently seeks the elimination of Israel. If they can disrupt, interfere or eliminate that relationship, Israel will stand alone. She will be vulnerable and, in time, the Arabs who wish to paint the land red with Israeli blood will likely have their wish.

No doubt, Israel’s neighbors recognized this essential leg of Israel’s defense. And it is equally certain that they set out to undermine that relationship.

This is not to say that all Muslims wish to see the mass execution of Jews. But no one can deny that it is a widely held view among the Muslim population. For too many years, too many Arabs and Muslim countries have told us that is exactly their goal.

In 1972, the National Association of Arab-Americans was founded with the stated goals of “… strengthen(ing) U.S. relations with Arab countries and … promot(ing) an evenhanded American policy based on justice and peace for all parties in the Middle East.”

No doubt, some were sincere in their desire to promote peace between Arabs and Israelis. But if the United States has an “evenhanded” approach to the nations of the Middle East, that represents a leveling of support between Israel and her attackers. Inevitably, it means a reduction, and eventual elimination, of the support Israel has enjoyed that has allowed her to survive in such a radically hostile environment.

And, in reality, this has happened. Today, Israel is responding to mass terrorist attacks launched against her from the Gaza Strip, where Hamas is the ruling party. Hamas is an avowed enemy of Israel. But Hamas came to this position of power because, in 2005, the U.S. convinced Israel to grant Palestinians autonomy in the Gaza Strip. The Arab Lobby in America worked to Hamas’s benefit.

Wikipedia points out that the Arab Lobby in America is funded by Americans and Arab nations. “Many of the players in the Arab lobby are paid directly by Arab governments.” But is lobbying the extent of their activity in America? Doubtful. Very doubtful.

If you wonder where the mass anti-Israeli protesters who have filled our streets came from, consider the ongoing indoctrination in our schools. Consider professors who have spoken out in support of Palestine and even Hamas. With an ‘everybody-gets-a-trophy’ mentality, we should ensure that Israel’s attackers have the same weapons and weapon systems.

How is it possible that Americans would crowd the streets in support of the actions of terrorists? They were taught to look at Palestine as the oppressed and Israel as the oppressor – and, by extension, America as the oppressor. But this leaves a vast gulf between propaganda and an honest, historical understanding of matters in the Middle East.

Even if someone is in favor of a two-state solution, this is not the time to take to the streets. Taking to the streets now embodies the express failure to condemn the acts of the Oct. 7 terrorists.

Lest we forget, that included beheadings, rapes, infants cut from mother’s wombs and beheaded. If this represents even a fragment of what Palestine is, it represents a need for military chemotherapy to eradicate these cancerous cells.

If nothing else, America’s support of Israel is a matter of honor. It is something Americans can take pride in. Last week, Barack Obama said of the fighting in the Middle East, “We all have blood on our hands.” But then, Obama was never much of a friend to Israel.

The reality is that, if we turn our backs on Israel, then we will truly have blood on our hands.