The Bat Brief And The China Factor

A Conspiracy Theory?

The Response

In 1993, Warner Bros produced a movie based on a John Grisham novel titled The Pelican Brief. In the movie, Julia Roberts plays a college student who writes a paper based on a conspiracy theory that turns out to be dangerously close to reality. The title of this piece is based on that same scenario, though hopefully not leading to the cat-and-mouse and deadly intrigue portrayed in the movie.

So, what is my “conspiracy theory,” which I refer to as ‘The Bat Brief?’

Initially, the government and its lapdog media pushed (is push even remotely a strong enough word?) the idea that COVID came from a bat in a Wuhan outdoor meat market. Anyone suggesting it might have come from the Wuhan Lab was designated a “conspiracy theorist” and dangerous. But we now know the ‘conspiracy theory’ was almost certainly correct. At the very least, there is enough doubt about the bat story to seriously question the attacks on those who were labeled ‘dangerous conspiracy theorists.’

At this point, the “pandemic” is sort-of past, and those who attacked the ‘conspiracy theorists’ would appreciate it if we would all simply move along; it’s all water under the bridge anyhow. But what if we don’t want to simply forget what happened? What if some of us think we should find out what happened and why?

Why did the government collude with Big Tech Social Media and the mainstream media to attack and silence anyone who didn’t go along with the wet-market-bat story the public was told? Why did they do the same to anyone who questioned the jab?

They wanted us to believe the pandemic came from a wet market, and not a laboratory. They wanted us to believe the jab was the solution to the “pandemic” and they wanted everyone to get the jab. And maybe this is all because they’re wiser than the rest of us, and they just wanted us to shut up and go along with what they believe in our best interests.

That’s rather the way a flock of sheep looks upon the shepherd and his dogs, isn’t it? But are we sheep in a flock? Or are we humans and individuals with the ability to think for ourselves, as well as a right to judge wisdom ourselves?

While skepticism about the origins of the “pandemic” is widespread today, as are doubts about the jab, there are also some who believe it was no accident that COVID was released upon the world.

Today, we know that the National Institute of Health and "Little Lord Fauci" were invested in the Wuhan Lab. While we might consider motives for China to launch a “pandemic” on the world, are there motives for the NIH and Fauci to do so? I think the answer is resoundingly YES! And the motive centers on two names: Trump and Biden.

Until the “pandemic” struck, Pres. Donald J. Trump was cruising toward an almost certain second term. The economy was singing a song that did well with women and minorities. In fact, since such records have been kept, those groups had never experienced an economy that sang their interests better.

Trump had greatly reduced our involvement in Afghanistan, without the blunder of history’s worst military withdrawal. He had also virtually destroyed ISIS, and had killed one of Iran’s terrorist generals responsible for the deaths of many American servicemen and women.

He was taking a strong position against China, and that country was relatively quiet, as was Iran. Illegal border crossings were at a remarkable low, fentanyl was a shadow of the problem it is today, and inflation was remarkably low. In spite of the Left’s attacks on Trump, it was difficult then to imagine him losing the 2020 election. What could possibly stop him?

And just like that, everything changed. The “pandemic” tipped the world on its edge while doing the same thing to the political status in America.

Maybe this is why, in spite of the NIH admitting that they were funding “gain-of-function” research at the Wuhan Lab, Fauci has continued his denial. Maybe the origin of the virus is just the scab on the surface. Maybe it was always all about getting Trump out of office.

And who was waiting in the wings to take over? Who had deep financial ties to China? Who, many would say, is bought and paid for by China? Enter Joe Biden, stage left.