How much will the defenders of liberty take from a Left hellbent on destroying America?

The Response

Image from The Nation
How far can the Left go before enough Americans yell ‘FOUL!’? Maybe you don’t like former Pres. Donald Trump’s mean Tweets, or whatever you call them now that Twitter is X. Does that justify the full-court attack the Left has launched against him ever since he came down an escalator in 2015?

Consider the breadth and scale of those attacks as summarized below:
  1. 2-1/2 years of Russian-Collusion Mueller Investigation and Congressional Inquiry (bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign and the DNC)
  2. Second impeachment after Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman claimed he heard Trump say something bad on a phone call (turned out he heard someone say what he thought he heard someone say) fails to prove Trump did anything wrong.
  3. Visually powerful photo that is questionably interpreted sets country on fire leading up to election over claims of racially motivated police abuse. People die, $billions of property is destroyed, police stations are taken over by rioters and yet Leftist media calls them “mostly peaceful protests.”
  4. Timing of ‘Pandemic’ is perfect for those trying to take Trump down and is used by governors to violate their own state election laws in 2020 election.
  5. Federal bureaucracy colludes with Biden campaign, the media and Big Tech to bury Hunter Biden laptop story that, polls have shown, would have buried the Biden campaign.
  6. No one has explained why Biden campaign was allowed to shutdown counting of ballots in the wee hours of 2020 election night and how everything changed once the counting started again.
  7. Immediately, and with amazing consistency, Democrats and the media label any doubts raised about the validity of the 2020 election as “The Big Lie.”
  8. Trump supporters riot at the Capitol leading to a Congressional hearing that would make banana republics blush. Dems claim it’s “an insurrection” and blame Trump though he told people to “peacefully protest” and there are repeated reports of ‘peculiar’ individuals instigating trouble at the Jan. 6 riots.
  9. With the Biden administration, parents who speak out at school board meetings are labeled as “Domestic Terrorists” by the DOJ and FBI. Catholics also undergo ‘special’ scrutiny as potential “Domestic Terrorists.”
  10. We are told we have to prepare to give up our gas-powered cars for EVs that are not practical, as well as gas stoves, hot water heaters and more.
  11. Trump announces his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election and, almost immediately, charges and lawsuits start flying, leading to four charges of 91 felonies that could lead to 717.5 years in prison.
  12. Lawsuit led by New York AG who campaigned on the promise to ‘get Donald Trump’ threatens to strip Trump of $250M and control of his business empire and many of his properties.
  13. Hamas launches a mass terrorist attack into Israel Oct. 7 and suddenly our universities and streets are filled with anti-Semitic protestors who directly, or indirectly, support Hamas and Iran’s exportation of terrorism.
  14. Leveraging Congressional Jan. 6 findings, four out of seven Democrat appointed supreme court justices of Colorado vote to kick Trump off the 2024 ballot. Other states led by Democrats threaten to do the same thing.
The bullet points above read like an indictment, not of Donald Trump, but of America, its political parties, federal and state bureaucracies, media, and Big Tech social media companies. We could add academia and public education to that list. Has anyone else ever been so broadly and consistently and falsely attacked?

The veils of legitimacy with all these attacks are so thin that they’re laughable. Considered together, the veils are ripped off completely and we are left with evidence of an clearly coordinated effort to take down a political foe and to silence his supporters.

With what the Democrats and the Left are doing to America, there is little doubt that, if they succeed taking down Trump, there will be little left for freedom loving Americans to defend.

Our border is wide open and we’re learning a new word: "Reconquista." The word means that Hispanics will ‘reconquer’ America by flooding over our border. And they are flooding in. Not just the numbers that would give Democrats the electoral edge they seek; these numbers will give the Left the power to drive America unopposed into socialism.

In the meantime, government-paid ‘educators’ are indoctrinating our children with a world view based on ‘equity’ that is itself nothing more than a deep dive into socialism. Individuals are required to suppress their own thoughts and speech to the ‘greater good’ of gender dysphoria and other Leftist radical ideas.

No one is teaching these children to understand liberty or its inherent value. Instead, they are learning the same perspective that was pushed by the Hitler Youth when they were raising a compliant generation of little Nazis. These impressionable youth will fight for ideas the Left has deemed useful to their ends. But, in the end, it will all be the same. Socialist dictators will rule from above and, one day, Americans will wake up and wonder “What the hell happened?”