Lies are essential for Left’s transition of America

The Response

To say that the Left lies is about as novel an idea as to say that fish defecate in the water. Only the self-deluded would argue the point. Only someone who keeps their eyes tightly shut would claim it helps them to see.

Last week, I heard that Dr. Fauci, the Leftist anointed ‘Hero of COVID, ’fessed up about a few things. Now, keep in mind that most of us already knew this. I’d say it was a relief to hear him admit these things, but it wasn’t; it was more of a joke that it took this long and, especially, that he told the lies in the first place.

It turns out the idea of 6-feet of separation during the pandemic was a figure that doctors arrived at arbitrarily. It was something they made up with no basis in fact. The same with masking. And they always knew the vaccine didn’t guarantee you wouldn’t get the virus. And who doesn’t know the virus almost certainly came from the Wuhan Lab in China?

We were told that going along would save our lives. We were told to shut up and “follow the science.” Most of us know that science isn’t a fixed concept that is beyond a challenge. When you take the ability to challenge a theory out of the equation, we’re no longer talking about science. We’re talking about lies and, in this case, on a massive scale.

The same people have told us that we need to get rid of our gasoline-powered cars, and gas-powered appliances to save the world. They tell us that CO2 is making the icebergs melt in the arctic and, if we don’t reduce our carbon footprints, the icebergs will melt raising the level of the oceans. Places like New York City and Florida will disappear under the sea.

I recently saw a video challenging the climate-alarmists narrative. They pointed out a simple experiment you can try at home. Put ice in a glass of water, and wait for the ice to melt. The water level doesn’t change. It’s the same thing with icebergs; if they melt away completely, sea levels won’t at all. Yes, if ice and snow on land melt and flow into the oceans, that could have an effect, but that’s not what they’ve told us. They’ve lied.

For three years now, Biden, his podium clown, Karine Jean-Pierre, and Sec. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas have told us that our Southern border “is secure.” In the meantime, we’re on pace to see more than 12-million immigrants enter the country (4-million legally and 8 million illegally, not counting unknown "got-aways"). By what definition does that describe a secure border?

The 8 million illegals include drug-cartel mules carrying fentanyl and other dangerous drugs, sex traffickers, and the occasional illegal from our terrorist watchlist. Not only is the border not secure, but the nation lacks security as a result. And, amazingly, with an election looming, Joe Biden suddenly noticed, and admitted to, the problem last week.

To keep the border open that long, these Leftists had to lie.

After watching George Floyd rioters torch city after city in the summer of 2020, Leftists suddenly discovered, with a much-belabored example in D.C. Jan. 6, 2021, that riots are a bad thing. Never mind undeniable video of a Capitol police officer waving people into the capitol, or police officers holding doors for them to enter. By focusing on video of the riot, the Left has stretched the line to claim the riot was actually an “insurrection.”

And they’re not letting us forget. Though Pres. Donald Trump told people in D.C. that day to “peacefully protest,” and offered to send troops to help defend the capitol before Jan. 6 (an offer then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned down), the Left is trying to kick him off the ballot claiming that he was an insurrectionist. It’s a lie.

Whether it’s COVID, the climate or race, the Left will do whatever it takes to use these issues to panic and/or enrage the herd. And what it takes, above all, is to lie.

They’ll also use lies to calm the herd. Biden tells us how wonderfully Bidenomics is working and we’re supposed to believe that lie over our own eyes and pocketbooks.

Of course, there is something to be said for the Left lying all the time; if they didn’t lie they wouldn’t have anything to say at all.